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22 June 1982
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You can pretty much ignore most of this. I think most of it is still valid information, but I haven't actually updated it in years.

I guess I should update this finally. I graduated Shoreline Community College with a degree in Digital Audio Engineering. I've also taken classes in computer network technologies and security (basically finished the degree except for one class that @#$%ing Cascadia kept cancelling). I've also done a fair share of programming and database work with Perl and MySQL. I'm a pretty experienced FreeBSD administrator and currently have 2 servers running an array of different services.

I love anime, I currently have 9lots of full series (anime and other TV) on DVD and a slew of movies and incomplete series. The only anime con I've ever gone to has been Sakuracon (3 years so far, 2 as press, 1 as staff, haven't gone the last 2 years because of time/money). I'd love to go to ACen some time but the cost is pretty steep for me to do it.

I'm not as hardcore as a lot of people out there but I do love video games. I enjoy RPGs and Adventure games the most, though over the years I've found that I play portable systems more then anything because of how busy I usually am. Though the work I do at RPGamer I've been able to go to E3 twice now and had a blast both times going to the show and meeting the people I work with online in person.

I still sometimes play Final Fantasy XI on the Alexander (I jumped ship from Midgardsormr). I play Red Mage and Dragoon as my main jobs.

I like reading in my spare time between classes and before sleep, right now I'm in the process of reading the Honor Harrington series by David Webber.

I guess I'll stop rambling now.